Article critique

During some point of your academic life you will be required to write an Article Critique. Are you ready for this task? Do you even feel qualified to critique someone else’s work? If you aren’t certain, you are not alone. Many students need help when it comes to this type of writing and our writing service can help. Our skilled professional writers have written hundreds of Article Critiques and know exactly what your professor expects from you when you are required to write one.

In writing an Article Critique you will need to cover all the points in the article and keep a balance while writing so that it doesn’t reflect one precise viewpoint. You’ll want to critique the authors writing in a way that is not critical but rather by providing insight as to why the author wrote in the manner they seemed fit. There are many questions to ask during the critiquing processes and our writers are familiar with each and every one.

We’ll ask all the important questions…

  • What is the author’s purpose and objective in writing?
  • Does your interpretation and the author’s arrive at the same conclusion?
  • Was the argument built on logic and sound research?
  • Was it proven by the evidence stated in the article?
  • Did the author communicate his or her point of view in a clear and concise manner?
  • Did you agree or disagree with what the author’s intent was?
  • What is your validation for agreeing or disagreeing with the author’s point of view?

As you can clearly see there are many aspects to critiquing an article. It can be a difficult task to effectively critique anyone else´s work without fully understanding the process it takes to come to a logical conclusion. Challenging for even the best writer and our writers are up to the task. We will help you from beginning to end and will provide you with an Article Critique that will be nothing short of brilliant.

Although critiquing a paper or article doesn’t require research, it does involve having knowledge on the topic, as well as having an understanding on how to recognize important details. Our experienced writers can help you accomplish your Article Critique. We have trained article critiquing professionals who are proficient with their eye for detail and they pride themselves on the ability to critic any article – no matter what the topic or subject matter with an objective viewpoint.

So sit back, relax and leave the critiquing to us. We guarantee you’ll be happy with the results! Contact us today so we can get started and you can start concentrating on something else!