Poverty Essay for a GCSE Coursework

There are millions of people lining below the edge of a minimum wage. Starvation, suffering and even military conflicts are caused by poverty and its consequences. Hence, everyone should be aware of this problem and everyone must remember that there are people whose living conditions are much worse!

The problem of poverty has gone global as it is present not only in developed countries, but in civilized countries as well. Take a look around – poverty is everywhere! How many homeless and workless individuals are there in your neighborhood? Even if there are none – there are in other districts, regions, countries! Moreover, global financial crisis and world-wide recession of working places has contributed largely to the problem of poverty. Thousands of people have lost their job and lost the possibility to earn for a living.

Though governments of many countries are tacking serious measures to prevent the spreading of poverty, their efforts are no enough! Everyone must be aware of this serious threat to the well-being of our world and do whatever he can in order to help people who are in trouble. Poverty essay writing is the first step to realizing the sensational seriousness of a problem!

Topical Scope for Poverty Essay Writing

In order to carry out a profound and thought-provoking poverty essay, you will need a brilliant essay starter. Think of what is important about it, think of your feelings and the general attitude towards this problem. If you delve deeply into the essence of poverty and show your personal attitude and emotions – you will do great!

Basically, the scope of poverty essay topics is very broad. For example, you can pick up one of the following topics and suggest your views and speculations about it:

  • Why does poverty exist?
  • Poverty in the single parent household.
  • Poverty and hunger.
  • Poverty is a major stumbling block to national development.
  • Poverty can strip away respect and hope for an individual.
  • Death as a result of poverty.
  • War conflicts caused by poverty.
  • Poverty in developed countries.

As you can see, there is a side selection of poverty essay topics, which definitely deserve a close attention. You may also introduce a comparative essay on poverty, where you can compare living standards in different countries, or provide data concerning unemployment rates. Using one’s own imagination, facts and precise data will make your poverty essay complex, deep and perfectly tailored.

Poverty Essay Help

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