Terms of use

MajesticEssays.com understands your need for confidentiality. That is why we have worked so hard to develop a system that is safe and secure. As a result of the measures we have taken, third parties will NEVER be able to get ahold of your private information, like your name, address, email address and most especially, your credit card data.

Original and Custom-Made

All of the works we will submit to you are done with the specific requirements and instructions you give us. Our writer composes an original work that is made solely for you. The papers that we have submitted to you will in NO WAY be reproduced for the benefit of another customer or posted on any website. We guarantee that the paper you receive from us is one of a kind and will NEVER be used again. In order to ensure this, we have asked all of our writers to sign a legal contract holding them liable if the papers they wrote for you turn up elsewhere. At MajesticEssays.com we make sure that what you have paid us to do is solely yours!

Secure Payment Transaction

We understand that your credit card information is sensitive data that should be protected at all costs. MajesticEssays.com has created a systematic process of transaction that guarantees that your credit card information will not get into the wrong hands. We transmit these types of delicate data via a sophisticated payment processor using 128 bit encryption. All of this we do because we value the business relationship we have with you!